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Пол Маккартні та Пеггі Лі

Пол Маккартні та Пеггі Лі


Добавлена 17 июня 2014

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Пол Маккартні та Пеггі Лі (Peggy Lee)
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Paul McCartney
26 травня о 19:45 
It was such a thrill to work with Peggy Lee who had been one of my idols since a kid. Her version of 'Til There Was You' was what inspired me to do it with The Beatles (of course, I didn’t realise it was from the musical 'Music Man') so meeting and working with her was a real pleasure. She was a classy lady whose music thrilled lots of people all over the world. Happy Birthday, Peg!

— Paul McCartney